5 innovations to mobile your life!

Your mobile became your main entertainment and work tool. Can you only imagine your life without it? As a key component of your lifestyle, here are 5 innovations that will eventually make your mobile even more essential.

1. Mobile payment with Google Wallet

”Google Wallet is an app that makes your phone your wallet. Tap, pay, and save with virtual cards and offers on your phone.”

In beta testing in NYC and SF, this truly represents one of the first steps in mobile payment direct interaction. Google brings payment to the next level and I would not be surprised to see a high penetration rate in early adopters that will trigger to a mass consumer hit.

According to Doc Searls, this is ”the most important thing Google has launched since the search engine

2. M-Couponing with Retail Common

When French web influencer Jean-Francois Ruiz says that m-couponing is one of the next big thing, you gotta trust the man!

Based in Toronto, Canada, Retail Common is a service for business that enables them to create and distribute mobile coupons to customers. Any type of business can therefore publish coupons and leverage their owned media platform; website, facebook, twitter, mobile app… One of the main advantages of mobile coupons is also its shareability within consumers. This is the functionality I like the most, if there is a good deal worth sharing, I’d like to be the one sending it to my friends.
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3. Fidelity card on your mobile with Fidall

Only in France and strictly available on iPhone as we speak, Fidall, winner of France’s Startup Academy, is already a success. With more than 300 000 downloads in France, Fidall is the ultimate solution to keep and use your fidelity cards says founder Yann Casanova. Not only does it keeps you fidelity cards into your mobile, it also enable you to locate the nearest fidelity card retailers, it provides your cards points and it gives you the opportunity to get other cards instantly, no need to fill out paperwork anymore! To collect points, simply scan your iPhone!

Mobile fidelity card iPhone
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4. Geo targeted deal with Vouchacha

”VouChaCha powered applications find the hottest deals within walking distance of your location”

A success in UK, Vouchacha is a geo-location app for deals. Have you ever wonder where to go in a new city? Or simply wanted to know which restaurants were near you? Well, this provides answers and deals. A great alternative to mobile app like AroundMe, especially since this one gives you deals!
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5. Real Life Facebook ”like” with Diesel

This is quite exciting as it brings Facebook into the real world. I really enjoy the QR codes which enable your Facebook Like and ultimately allow you to share you latest Diesel acquisition or the next one in line. Girls, if you want to tell your boyfriend what you would ”like”, this is the tool!

By JF DuRocher

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